'synthetic intermediate' definitions:

Definition of 'synthetic intermediate'

  • Intermediate \In`ter*me"di*ate\, n.
  • 1. A person who intermediates between others, especially in negotiations; an intermediary; a mediator. [PJC]
  • 2. Something that is intermediate. [PJC]
  • 3. Specifically: (Chem.) A compound which is produced in the course of a chemical synthesis, which is not itself the final product, but is used in further reactions which produce the final product; also called {synthetic intermediate}, intermediate compound or {intermediate product}; -- contrasted to starting material and {end product} or final product. There may be many different intermediates between the starting material and end product in the course of a complex synthesis; as, many industrial chemicals are produced primarily to be used as intermediates in other syntheses.
  • Note: The term has the same meaning with respect to intermediate compounds produced in a biosynthetic pathway in living organisms. [PJC]