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Definition of 'intent'

(from WordNet)
Giving or marked by complete attention to; "that engrossed look or rapt delight"; "then wrapped in dreams"; "so intent on this fantastic...narrative that she hardly stirred"- Walter de la Mare; "rapt with wonder"; "wrapped in thought" [syn: captive, absorbed, engrossed, enwrapped, intent, wrapped]
An anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions; "his intent was to provide a new translation"; "good intentions are not enough"; "it was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs"; "he made no secret of his designs" [syn: purpose, intent, intention, aim, design]
The intended meaning of a communication [syn: intent, purport, spirit]

Definition of 'Intent'

  • Intent \In*tent"\, a. [L. intentus, p. p. of intendere. See Intend, and cf. Intense.] [1913 Webster]
  • 1. Closely directed; strictly attentive; bent; -- said of the mind, thoughts, etc.; as, a mind intent on self-improvement. [1913 Webster]
  • 2. Having the mind closely directed to or bent on an object; sedulous; eager in pursuit of an object; -- formerly with to, but now with on; as, intent on business or pleasure. "Intent on mischief." --Milton. [1913 Webster]
  • Be intent and solicitous to take up the meaning of the speaker. --I. Watts. [1913 Webster]

Definition of 'Intent'

  • Intent \In*tent"\, n. [OE. entent, entente, attention, purpose, OF. entente, F. entente understanding, meaning; a participial noun, fr. F. & OF. entendre. See Intend.] The act of turning the mind toward an object; hence, a design; a purpose; intention; meaning; drift; aim. [1913 Webster]
  • Be thy intents wicked or charitable. --Shak. [1913 Webster]
  • The principal intent of Scripture is to deliver the laws of duties supernatural. --Hooker. [1913 Webster]
  • To all intents and purposes, in all applications or senses; practically; really; virtually; in essence; essentially. "He was miserable to all intents and purpose." --L'Estrange.
  • Syn: Design; purpose; intention; meaning; purport; view; drift; object; end; aim; plan. [1913 Webster]

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