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Definition of 'beatitude'

(from WordNet)
A state of supreme happiness [syn: blessedness, beatitude, beatification]
One of the eight sayings of Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount; in Latin each saying begins with `beatus' (blessed); "her favorite Beatitude is `Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'"

Definition of 'Beatitude'

  • Beatitude \Be*at"i*tude\, n. [L. beatitudo: cf. F. b['e]atitude. See Beatify.]
  • 1. Felicity of the highest kind; consummate bliss. [1913 Webster]
  • 2. Any one of the nine declarations (called the Beatitudes), made in the Sermon on the Mount (--Matt. v. 3-12), with regard to the blessedness of those who are distinguished by certain specified virtues. [1913 Webster]
  • 3. (R. C. Ch.) Beatification. --Milman. [1913 Webster]
  • Syn: Blessedness; felicity; happiness. [1913 Webster]

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